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8 Eye-Popping Retina Display Photography Apps for the New iPad | Gadget Lab | Wired.com

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go ronnie.: 100 Ways To Save Hip Hop by Henry Adaso


  1. Stop playing the same 5 songs on the radio.
  2. Stop listening to radio stations that play the same 5 songs.
  3. Stop blaming Diddy.
  4. Stop Diddy.
  5. Stop dubbing every new jack “the next great” this and that.
  6. Stop charging body parts for shows.
  7. Stop fabricating feuds to sell records.
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This Kush got me high like Pac’s bandanna!!!!!?!!?? (via VHX)

King charl

You’re the words in the dictionary that I can’t spell (via VHX)

Wamp wamp… (via VHX)

"Mazel Tov! I’m screaming for my Molotov…" (via VHX)

He’s you pusha man… (via VHX)

Steve Jobs, part 1 - 60 Minutes - CBS News

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I’m Ferris Bueller with Frank Muellers… (via VHX)


take any website and occupy it!


go to customize on Tumblr then edit html and then add this line of code

<script src=”http://occupyinter.net/embed.js”></script>